Best Cool Bongs: Checkout!

If you are looking for something unique, then attractive looking is the way to go. Cool bong You might just find the right thing. Cool is subjective, but we all can agree that there are a lot of it. Cool bongs on sale There are many items that can be displayed on a mantelpiece or used as display pieces when they are not in use.

Twisted Spinal Bong

This spiral bong is both classic and unique. This stylish piece is unique because no two pieces will be the same. Each base is unique, so no other person will have the same bong. It is stylish, but still has a lot of functionality. It is easy to hold and prevents splashback. The smoke spirals up the tube, making it look very cool.

Royal Highness Bong

Another beautiful bong, this limited edition Royal Highness Percolator Ice Bong from Glass City is made of borosilicate. It is durable and strong. This bong is completely made from clear glass. It looks luxurious and exquisite. This bong features 3 chambers, each with its own percolator. You can also cool your hits with ice notches!

The first chamber starts at the bottom and includes a slitted percolator for splitting the smoke and spreading it into the water. The second chamber is a triple-head showerhead dome percolator. Each head has slits that further split the smoke. The third chamber contains a 12-arm percolator, which makes the smoke smooth. You will find ice notches here to cool your smoke and give it an icy taste.

The Royal Highness bong features a stable, round foot to prevent it from tipping. It also has a mouthpiece with three rims that provide extra grip.

Archimedes Reactor Bonneg

This cool Black Leaf Archimedes Reactor bong has a copper coating and is a great example of steampunk. It is made of 7mm thick borosilicate glass and a rusty, aged copper coating. The nitro-condenser is equipped with a colored solution of glycerine, which gives it a unique appearance.

Psychedelic Pineapple Bonnet

This psychedelic pineapple bong is a great option for those looking for something more unusual than the usual cool. It measures 12.5 inches high and has a 14mm female joint. It also features a 3 pinch ice catch. The pineapple bong is a traditional beaker that has funky, colorful pineapple and weed leaves designs.

Trailer Park Boys Silibong

This straight tube bong was inspired by Trailer Park Boys Tv. The silibong is made of BPA-free food grade silicone. It is 14 inches high and can withstand heavy abuse. The bong comes with a glass herb bowl and a glass downstem. You can also remove the silicone splash guard/icecatcher and use the suction cup base to keep it upright in case it is accidentally dropped.

Dino Time Dinosaur Pipe

Love dinosaurs? This Dinosaur recycling machine is for you. The dino time dinosaur waterpiper adds bubbling functionality to a dinosaur’s body, and it is quite cool to look at. The Dino Time waterpipe is made of glass and available in many different colours to suit your preferences.

Mini Percolator Bong 2.0

Sometimes all you need is something small to accomplish the task. The Mini percolator bong measures 10 inches high and has a bowl piece, mini percolator, and an ice catcher. The bowl piece is small enough to allow you to carry as much as you would on a regular-sized bong.

This is a great selection of cool bongs. Although it’s subjective, we believe this collection offers a range of appealing designs that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

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