Best Diamond Glass Pipes: Know Best Glass Pipes Here!

Diamond Glass Pipe is a great addition to any collection of smoking glasses. However, if you’re looking for something more elegant then the Sherlock pipes listed below may be of interest to you.

Standing Sherlock Pipe

This Diamond Glass standing Sherlock Pipe will make you feel like Sherlock Homes. This glass Sherlock pipe measures 4inches long and looks great.

Ice Blue Sherlock pipe

This beautiful Diamond Glass ice-blue Sherlock pipe is both stunning to look at and to smoke from. This 6 inch pipe feels great in your hand and is exceptionally well-made.

Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe

Diamond Glass’ 6 inch Sherlock hand pipe is 3.5 inches tall and available in different colors. This pipe is also available with a carb-hole, and would look great on a side table.

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