Best Floor Bongs: Check Here!

You want big hits? floor bong You will find the perfect bong for you. These bongs can be so large that you will need to place the bong on the ground to hit them.

We have listed the top three floor bongs that you can order online now!

6 Foot Bong

The floor bong is 6 feet tall (yes, that’s 182 cm) and made of durable, thick glass. The tube has ice-notches at the bottom so that you can add tons of ice to it. The glass measures 9mm thick, and includes a diffused downstem as well as a 14mm bowl.

Tall Af Bong

The tall AF bong, also known as the Tall AF Bong, is 30 inches high and larger than your average bong. This bong is trippy in design and promises to deliver huge hits. It features ice-notches, removable downstem, and a glass bowl.

Honeycomb Missile Bod

The “pink honeycomb missile bong”, a larger floor bong, stands 35 inches high and has not one but five honeycomb percolators. It also includes a splashguard and icecatcher, and a female joint of 18mm. We know there are many other floor bongs, but this will give you an idea of the best.

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