Best LA Pipes Bongs: Get Pipes Details Here!

LA Pipes They have been rebranded as UPC (Until Prohibition Ceases). However, this does not affect your decision to purchase. LA Pipes They still produce some of the best glass water pipes, bongs and dab rigs on the market.

We have listed the top 5 bongs that you can purchase right now at LA Pipes, an amazing glass blowing company.

8 Arm Tree Perc Beaker Bonneg

LA Pipes’ 8-Arm (single, double) Tree Perc Beaker Bong is one of their most popular water bongs. This LA Pipes Beaker Bong Stand is made from strong boro glass and has a great duffuser backstem. It also features a large beaker base for big clean hits.

5 mm Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

This LA pipes 5mm Thick Bong is available with a single, double, or triple showerhead percolator. It is made from durable 5mm glass and measures 14 inches in height. If you are looking for massive, smooth hits, this Showerhead Perc Beaker bong will be your best choice.

Straight Showerhead Perc Bong

This LA Pipes Showerhead perc bong is for you if you prefer straight bongs. You can choose from single, double or triple percs made of 4.5mm strong glass. This bong is 14 inches tall and produces great tasting hits.

means Guy Beaker Bong

This LA Pipes Simply Guy Glass Beaker Bonnet is a classic and well-made design. This beaker bong delivers smooth hits for its size, with ice-notches and a diffuser downwardstem. This Simply Guy bong measures 8 inches in height and is made of 4.5 mm glass. It’s perfect for both beginners and more experienced smokers.

Simply Guy Bubble Base

The LA Pipes Simply guy Zong bong has a classic Z shape. It gives bigger hits than regular bongs. The Zong bong is 8 inches high and has a longer cooling phase due to its ingenius Z design. It also features a diffuser that provides additional filtration. If you are a big hit lover, this bong is for you!


I don’t think you need to be convinced that LA Pipes are the best pipes, bongs, and dab rigs available.

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