Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants: Read Here!

Indoor gardening has seen a sudden rise in popularity, influenced by plant moms and influencers alike. This has encouraged indoor plants to be used as decor. This opens up a whole new realm of plant-care. Indoor plants have different needs depending on the type. It is not possible to get enough sunlight in every home or apartment. What can a plant owner do to replace natural light? Grow lights are the answer. These are five LED grow light options that you can buy online:

1. Roleadro LED 75W Growing Light

Roleadro’s panel design features four stainless steel wires. This allows it to hang from an overhang hook. The Roleadro also has its own recommendations for how far it should hang over the plant depending on its age. Its light spectrum is broad and distributed, which helps plants grow all year.


  • Aluminum plate for quick cooling
  • Simple set-up
  • Diverse light spectrum


  • If there isn’t an overhead electrical outlet, the cord will hang down.
  • There is no automatic timer.

2. iPower Dual Head LED Grow Light 10W

The iPower features the classic gooseneck lamp design and two light heads. It can be adjusted and rotatable to spread the light over a larger area. The iPower also features three light modes that can be used to aid in germination, flowering, fruit-bearing, as well as chlorophyll synthesis.


  • Smart timer
  • Mounting clamp anti-slip
  • Variable brightness
  • 11 dimmable modes


  • No power adapter

3. GE Full Spectrum LED Grow Bulb

The GE Full Spectrum is a superior product to the rest because it produces natural-looking light. If the plants are part of the home decor, some people might prefer the natural appearance of white light over the artificial feeling of the red-blue spectrum. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is no color spectrum. Instead, it appears white to the human eye.


  • Can be installed in standard light sockets
  • Low heat


  • The intensity of light is fixed

4. Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden For Succulents & Seeds

This 3-tiered bamboo garden will look great with your living space furniture. Each tier can hold two bulbs, and each tier can be used to grow a variety of potted plants.


  • High-output, full-spectrum LED lights
  • Optional rolling base
  • Recessed bulbs

5. Cholas LED Grow Strips

These light strips emit natural light, much like the GE LED light bulbs. It comes with adhesive pads and screws so you can easily set it up wherever you want.


  • Memory timing function with two-way operation
  • 5 dimming modes
  • Three switch modes
  • Variable brightness


  • Super glue might be necessary because sticky strips may fall off when the lights get too warm.


It is crucial to understand how LED grow lights can be used indoors to care for your plants.

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