Best Rolling Trays: Check Here!

Making a joint is not as simple and exciting as it seems. You can make your daily sesh as easy as possible by using the right smoking paraphernalia.

A rolling tray can help you keep your life organized. This is a decorative tool as well as a useful one. These rolling trays can help you improve your ganja game.

Best Rolling Tray: Metal Rolling Tray by V Syndicate (T=HC2 Einstein)

T=HC2 Einstein Metal tray is extremely lightweight and ideal for those who smoke whenever they stop by. You can choose between two sizes: 7″ or 11″. It’s also made from super-durable material, making it scratch- and dent-proof.

The tray is printed in bright, high-definition color and looks great while you are rolling on each sesh. T=HC2 makes it easy to clean up after use. T=HC2 can make it easy to clean your favorite tray with just a few taps or sprays of water, and a few wipes.


  • Very useful
  • It is easy to clean

Things to Consider

  • The back may be covered in paint.

Best Wood Rolling Tray – RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

The RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolled Tray is the perfect choice if you prefer to prepare your herbs in a neatly organized tray. The wooden beast includes three magnetic bamboo trays and an integrated ashtray. It allows you to categorize all your accessories for smoking.

Its function doesn’t end with the actual preparation. If you want to keep all your smoking accessories together, this tray has a special place. You can arrange the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray in eight different ways thanks to the magnetic system. You can arrange the three segments in any order you like. You can cover the tray with the side panels when not in use.


  • Very well organized
  • Durable bamboo
  • Strong magnets connect them

Things to Consider

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not travel-friendly

Best Metal RollingTray: RAW Metal Tray

If you prefer a simple design, this RAW Classic Metal Tray will suit your needs. It has a vintage look and is made of a sturdy, long-lasting thick metal. The elevated sides of the unit prevent any spillage of herbs during assembly.

You can choose from three sizes to suit your needs. If you prefer to roll your cigars on a smaller tabletop, this classic tray in metal is the perfect size. It is lightweight and small enough to be carried around.


  • It’s simple and practical
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Affordable

Things to Consider

  • Magnet for the lid is weak

Best Design Rolling Tray – Lionhead Extra Large Rolling Tray

With its minimalistic gold cannabis leaf design and matte black finish, the Lionhead Extra-Large Rolling Tray has a clean yet elegant look. The tray’s vivid color makes it easy to identify excess ingredients and avoid waste. It also helps to collect any leftovers from your rolling session thanks to its slightly curved sides.

The Lionhead Rolling Tray has a beautiful aesthetic appeal. It is made of durable aluminum with double layers, which makes it lightweight and long-lasting. This tray is large enough to fit comfortably on your lap, even though it’s quite large.


  • Aluminum of high quality
  • Handy
  • Non-slip surface

Things to Consider

  • Non-scratch resistant

Best Glass Rolled Tray: RAW Glass Rollering Tray

The RAW Glass Rolling Tray is well-known for its scratch-resistant surface. The large pyrex glass makes it strong and durable. Its simple, elegant design lends it a classy and elegant feel. Glasses don’t retain strong odors, so you can easily clean them with a few taps or minimal wipes.

Glass trays are not recommended for travel, as they can be damaged easily. Glass trays are more durable than metal trays because rust is not a problem. It is heavy enough to hold your cigarettes in place while you prepare them. This will prevent any unnecessary movements or inconvenient spillage during your session.


  • For herbs to stay in place, use rounded corners
  • Wide surface

Things to Consider

  • Lightly heavy

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