Best Roor Dealers Cup Bongs: Read Here!

The Roor dealer’s cup glass bongs is one of the most beautiful and efficient in the world. The Dealers Cup bongs look similar to the Little Sista series, but they are larger! There are two sizes available: 5mm or 7mm. You also have the option to choose from a variety of logos such as white, green, and rasta.

White Logo – 5.0 mm

Diameter 46 mm

Glass Thickness – 5.0 mm

Height 54.1 cm / 21.2 in


Joint Size 18.8mm

Material: Glass

Ice Notches: No

Green Logo – 7.0 mm

Diameter 50 mm

Glass Thickness 7.0 mm

Height 55 cm / 22 inches


Joint Size 18.8 mm

Material: Glass

Ice Notches: No

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