Best Roor Stash Jars: Check Here!

ROOR Stash Jars are leak-proof and ideal for storing and freshening your herb. These jars are made of borosilicate-pyrex glass which is the same quality as their entire product line. You can choose to have a glass lid or corked version, depending on what you prefer. Both versions work equally well.

Table of Contents

Glass Lid

Airtight locking,

Available in medium, large, and small

Wooden Cork Lid


Made from borosilicate Pyrox glass

Cork lid

This glass container is made from thick glass with a cork and wood lid. It’s great for herb storage, at home and on the go. A cork or glass stopper can prevent any smells from leaching out.

ROOR is known for making high quality products that last a lifetime and won’t let you down. The stash jar is a great addition to your collection. It will allow you to store your herbs and keep them fresh, even when not in use. These jars are great for traveling.

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