Best Weed Grinders: Explore Here!

Some people prefer to use their hands to grind weed. This could lead to inconsistently-sized pieces and uneven burning. Hand-grinding is also more time-consuming than using weed grinders.

Grinder are an investment, rather than manual labor. They offer better vaping and smoking performance. Below are the top weed grinders on the market.

The Ripper Classic Herb Grinder

The Ripper Classic Herb Grinder, a stainless steel grinder that is pure, non-anodized and durable, is the best option. The grinding plate is made up of a pair of sharp teeth that can crush any sticky herb with ease.

The catchment layer can hold a good amount of ground herb by twisting the grinder. The same layer has an agitating roller to help break down the leaves that are stuck together. The layer below is an interchangeable screen that allows kief to pass through. The final layer of the grinder, which uses the same firehose threading, catches and holds the kief.

iRainy 5-Piece Grinder

Despite its low price, the iRainy grinder is still high quality. It is made from solid zinc alloy metal which makes it lightweight and durable.

The five-piece grinder comes with two mesh screen layers that can be used for sifting. One of these layers could be removed if desired. The teeth of the grinder can also break down any herb perfectly, even large “nugglets”, and are very strong.

You might find pieces of kief or other small items stuck in mesh spaces. A scraper can be used to remove the undesirable accumulation.

Mendo Mulcher 1.75 Inch 2-Piece Grinder

This two-piece Mendo Mulcher grinder, made from a CNC machine-crafted block of aluminum is indispensable and built to last. It is a small grinder that can grind hard despite having extra teeth on each piece.

The grinder’s small size makes it easy to control how much weed you grind. This is especially important if you only need a few grams at a time. It is very convenient for travelers. Mendo Mulcher makes it easy to grind herbs outside.

The magnetic center of the device attaches seamlessly to the magnetic lid, locking the weed in place. The edges are fully knurled to prevent slippage.

Space Case Grinder Titanium (4 Pieces, Medium Size)

Space Case Grinder Titanium may be the answer to your woes with your weak grip. With a subtle twist, this will crush any weed. Even the most difficult buds will be easy to manage thanks to its sharp, diamond-shaped teeth.

It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for its strength and durability. Its lid is strengthened with rare earth magnets for optimal sealing. The Space Case grinder comes with strong pollen screens to collect kief, and a matching tool to scrape pollen.

Apothecarry 3Chamber Grinder

The Apothecarry 3-Chamber Grinder is simple but elegant. It has sharp metal teeth which crush flowers quickly. Because of its minimalist design and non-flashy styling, it can be discreetly used to prepare for your sesh wherever you are.

It is just like any other metal grinder. It is simple to clean and has a longer life expectancy. The aluminum alloy layers make it lightweight and strong, which is great for those who like to travel. It is also very portable with its 2.5 inch disc size, so it can be easily slipped into your pocket.

Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder with AUTOMATIC Electric Herbal Spice Dispenser Large 2.5″ Aluminum Alloy

You would like to have perfectly ground herbs without having to open the grinder or be exposed to messy processes or spillages. With just a simple button press, all those headaches disappear. The powerful vibrational electric motor evenly disperses your herbs through a spout. The magnetic flip spout, which is hidden in the device, allows you to precisely position your aim. This makes it a great companion for rolling cones, rolling and sharing your raw material with others. The 28 CNC-machined ultra-sharp diamond-shaped grinding teeth will ensure a smooth, fluffy grind every single time. These teeth can grind herbs, teas and other spices to ensure smooth rolling. The best thing about these machines is their even distribution. Simply press the button to start your freshly ground herbs or flowers going wherever the distributor nozzle points. You can get over 120 uses out of the powerful 320mah lithium battery.


  • Manual Grind with Auto Dispense
  • Constructed for portability
  • Secure Container
  • Fluffy Grind
  • Very durable


  • Expensive

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