Best Weed Strains for Anxiety: Read It!

According to research by the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, 18.1% of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. This is roughly 40 million people.

Although clinical research on anxiety and marijuana is still in its infancy, preliminary research indicates that medical cannabis can positively impact anxiety. Many people are left with the important question of what strains of cannabis are best for anxiety, since medical marijuana is legal in 36 states. We’ll answer this question in this article.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web, a High-CBD cannabis strain, is known for making users feel calm, relaxed, and focused. Charlotte’s Web has a very low level of THC. It is found in 1% of most plants. (Refer to the definition of hemp, which contains 0.03% or less THC). It has a high CBD level of 13%, and the calming terpene Myrcene. Charlotte’s Web is safe for beginners as it has mild and non-intoxicating effects. Famous Stanley Brothers of Colorado were among the first to create Charlotte’s Web.


  • It won’t make your sleepy (it has a THC level of 1%).
  • Contains myrcene
  • High CBD percentage


  • Some users experience dryness in their mouths.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift, another CBD-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, has calming and uplifting properties. Ringo’s Gift is a crossbreed of popular strains Harle-Tsu, ACDC. It has 12% CBD, 1% CBD and a small amount of THC. The CBD/THC ratio of most Ringo’s Gift crops is between 1:1 and 24:1. Ringo’s Gift can be used by most users who are new to cannabis because of its mild effects. It also contains myrcene which is a compound that many users find useful for panic attacks and stress.


  • For new users
  • CBG included
  • It is known to lift people up and reduce stress


  • There are many crops that have different ratios of CBD/THC.


Remedy is a high-CBD, fruity, and floral strain that has a summery taste. This cross is between Afghan Skunks and Cannatonis. It has 13% CBD and just 1% THC. This strain is very energetic. It is also used worldwide as a medical cannabis strain. Remedy can be grown at home in areas that have legal recreational cannabis. It flowers within 6-8 weeks. It also contains the terpene myrcene which, according to many, reduces panic and promotes calm.


  • Contains myrcene
  • High CBD content
  • Flowers quickly
  • For new users


  • Some users have reported dryness of the mouth following use of this strain.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a crossbreed cannabis strain that was originally developed in the Netherlands. It has been distributed in Dutch pharmacies as a medical-grade marijuana strain since the 1990s. Jack Herer is a hybrid that combines a Haze, Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. Although this strain has a 17% THC content, users are reported to feel more awake, calm, creative, and energized than they do sleepy. It also has 1% CBG, and terpinolene is its dominant terpene.


  • Useful in the Netherlands as a medical-grade strain
  • It is a calming agent that does not induce sleepiness.


  • For novice users, the THC content might be too high
  • It is difficult to grow in a Mediterranean climate

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), a hybrid that combines OG Kush and Durban Poison, is a strain. GSC is a popular strain of cannabis that is available all over the country. GSC is also popular for garden cultivation, as it can flower in between 9 and 10 weeks. GSC has a high percentage of THC, with some crops having a THC content between 19% and 28%. It is great for relaxation but can also make some smokers tired and sleepy. This strain is best used when you don’t need to be productive.


  • It is easy to grow
  • High THC content


  • Some users may find it overwhelming
  • Feels like you are tired

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

What is better for anxiety: CBD or THC?

Although research is ongoing on anxiety and cannabis, it’s generally believed that strains with high CBD (cannabidiol), content are better for anxiety. CBD-dominant cannabis strains have been shown to have a calming effect. THC-dominant marijuana strains can evoke curiosity, lifeliness, and curiosity. Some users might prefer to use high-THC strains to reduce stress.

Which CBD strain is best to treat anxiety?

People with anxiety can find relief from their anxieties by using Remedy, Charlotte’s Web, or Ringo’s Gift. You should try different strains to discover the best one for you.

What terpenes work best for anxiety?

Expert opinion and research suggest that the terpenes pinene and limonene are great for anxiety. Myrcene can be found in strains such as Remedy, Charlotte’s Web, Ringo’s Gift, and Ringo’s Gift.


Our research on strain composition shows that CBD-dominant strains are the best for anxiety. However, each individual’s experience with CBD is different. Ringo’s gift and Jack Herer are the best options if you want to experience calming effects.

For anxiety, you should consult your doctor.

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