Blaze Glass Ash Catchers: Check Best PreCoolers!

Be clear, it’s not confusing Blaze Glass Ash Catcher It is the same as a Blaze Glass PreCooler ! And…

Blaze Glass Ash Catchers or Precoolers can be added to your bong. These add an extra layer of filtration to your bong’s main chamber. This allows for a smoother and cooler smoke.

Let’s take a look at some

Precooler, 10-slit Diffuser and 90 Degree Joint

This Blaze Glass Precooler with a 10slit Diffuser, 90 Degree Joint made of high-quality borosilicate glasses and includes a 10 slit diffuser which breaks down your smoke and cools it. The recycler pushes the smoke down to be filtered again, making it even more smooth.

The male join is 18.8mm and is located at a 90-degree angle. It is not suitable for straight bongs that have a female joint of 18.8mm. You should also check that the precooler fits a beaker bong. It should fit if your bong has an angle of 45 degrees. If not, it is unlikely.

The top of the precooler’s female joint is 18.8mm. This will fit all 188mm sides bowls that have a male joint.

Ash Catcher, with Showerhead Diffuser, and 45 Degree Joint

This Blaze Glass Recycler precooler with showerhead diffuser and 45 Degree joint also has the same features as its predecessor, but it has a 45-degree angled joint which is 14.5mm instead of 18.8mm. It is suitable for straight bongs and beaker bongs that have a 14.5mm female join. Precooler has a 14.5mm female joint and will fit into any side bowls with a 14.5mm male join.

This precooler is also made of quality borosilicate glasses and features a 10-slit diffuser. The recycler allows you to diffuse the smoke twice, allowing for a smoother hit.

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