Blaze Glass Bubblers: Check More Info!

A beautiful selection Blaze Glass bubblers Every time you try them, you will enjoy silky smooth delicious hits. Blaze Glass pieces are meticulously designed, with attention to every detail. Here are some of our most loved bubblers.

Blaze Glass Bubbler With Showerhead & Keg Dissuser

This Blaze Glass Showerhead with Keg Diffuser and Showerhead is for dry herb. This diffuser will make any hit you receive silky smooth.

This bubbler is unique because it has two diffusers that filter your smoke twice. First, the smoke moves through the showerhead diffuser. Then it goes to the large chamber with a keg diffuser. The hit will be extremely smooth and cool as your smoke is filtered twice.

The 14.5mm make join is included, as well as the 14.5mm herb bowl. It has a pinched neck with handle that makes it easy to remove and prevents any rolling when you place it down.

The Bubbler has a flared mouthpiece that makes it more comfortable to use, and a wide base to ensure stability.

Blaze Glass Oil Recycler Bubbler

The Blaze Glass Concentrate oil Recycle Bubbler can be a real treat. The recycle function adds oxygen to the water, which enhances its quality and makes your smoke smoother and more lush.

This beautiful Blaze Glass Concentrate Bubbler is made from borosilicate glass to resist heat and last for years. It has a revolutionary recycling design that will give you a delicious, smooth hit every time.

The included glass nail can be used to apply oil. Watch the vapour flow. As your vapour cools and filters, the built-in recycler continuously recycles water. You can smoke comfortably while sitting down with the bubbler’s female vapour dome (10mm) and bent mouthpiece (13mm).

Blaze Glass Oil Recycle Bubbler with Percolator Dome

The Blaze Glaze Concentrator Recycling Bubbler with Percolator Dome offers all the same magic as the above, but with an added percolator dome that allows you to filter your smoke for a better.

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