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Blaze Glass Quality glassware is what this company stands for. Since its inception, it has supplied head shops with high-quality glassware. BongsOver 20 years of experience in Europe.

They are so concerned about quality that they have carefully chosen glassblowers from Asia to make their glass hookahs. Only the best will do. Their bongs, which measure 5mm thick, are made of 3.1 borosilicate glasses.

They will consider the bong type and whether reinforcements or double walls are necessary to ensure that their products don’t fail. They take their products seriously and make sure they last.

Blaze Glass Bongs

Blaze Glass bongs have a reputation for being some of the best in the world. There are many options, including oil bongs, classic bongs and recyclers. Blaze Glass Bongs are made with great care.

The product is made with thick borosilicate glasses by the best glassblowers around the world. It has been reinforced where necessary and features the same attention to detail as many other products. One of their classic pieces is a sure bet. Click here to learn more about their collection.


  • Multi-Level Bong
  • Blaze Glass Bubblers

Blaze Glass Mix & Match

Blaze Glass’s Mix & Match series allows you to choose the components you need for your glass. You can put them together in any way you like using their plug-in system. You can choose whether you need basic components or additional items.

It’s up to you to make it your own. Blaze Glass’s mix-and-match system is strong and durable. You can be sure they have taken as much care as with their classic pieces about its strength and durability. You can use it with extra strong metal clamps so that your glassware remains functional.

Blaze Glass Ash Catcher/Precooler

There are many Blaze Glass Ash Catchers & Pre Coolers that exude quality and sophistication. You can position your joint at either a 45-degree angle or a 90-degree angle depending on what you prefer.

The honeycomb disc filters the smoke and breaks it up into smaller bubbles, cooling it down gently. Their ash catchers, like all their high-quality products, are made of borosilicate glasses.

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