Christmas Snacks that are Better When High: Check Here!

Although Christmas is only one holiday per year, it is a holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. Christmas brings together friends, family, the gift of giving, as well as delicious treats that satisfy the munchies. What can you feed your friends and family as you smoke all the way to North Pole? We’ve put together a list with the best Christmas snacks that will make any holiday party a success.

Holiday Popcorn Tins

You can make popcorn a delicious treat all by itself. Add flavors such as natural butter, cheese, and secret-recipe caramel to it, and you’ve got a recipe for munchies perfection. Popcorn Tins from The Popcorn Company are a great holiday snack that everyone loves when they’re high. Make sure everyone has toothpicks. It’s not a good idea to leave someone with a kernel in their teeth for the remainder of the party. These are great gifts for friends who don’t know what they should get.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint-flavored foods are the best way to celebrate Christmas. After smoking a bowl, all your guests will be asking for peppermint bark. There are many places that sell peppermint bark, and you can also make your own. Make Peppermint Bark at Home with Pennies This article is simple and doesn’t require any baking.

Chocolate/White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

Although pretzels are a common snack, stoners can enjoy them more. You can find them at Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps in stores. They will be a popular snack choice at your Christmas party. You can satisfy all of your guests’ chocolate preferences by offering white, dark, and milk chocolates. They are also a great choice for guests who don’t like peppermint bark.

Gingerbread Cookies, and Houses

Gingerbread houses and cookies are another popular Christmas snack that makes an appearance every year during the holidays. Gingerbread cookies can be a tasty snack, but nothing beats spending time with family and friends creating the most beautiful architectural masterpieces the world has ever witnessed. The stakes for building gingerbread houses go up when you make a competition of it. You can find many recipes online, but you will need to purchase reliable kits from Amazon and Target.

Late Night Pie

Do you really need to explain this? The party will be a success if you serve pie to all your friends and family. Second, the real treat is what happens after everyone has left. It’s as simple as the Pythagorean Theorem. One happy stoner is a late-night pizza and a late night bowl. You can relax on the couch, or in bed, and enjoy your late-night pie reward.

Cannabis Infused Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a blanket over your head, the fire roaring, and hot chocolate just about to make you feel higher than Willie Nelson. It’s infused with cannabis. While hot chocolate can be enjoyed in colder temperatures, it’s best to serve hot chocolate to your guests that gives them the high. This is the perfect beverage for those who are high. Although it takes some preparation, making cannabis-infused hot chocolate is not difficult. Jointly’s article provides a simple and effective recipe for cannabis-infused hot chocolate. Important to remember that you must decarboxylate the cannabis you intend to use to infuse your hot cocoa with. To activate cannabinoids, and convert THCA to THC, you will need to heat cannabis. For approximately 40 minutes, you can “decarb” your cannabis by baking finely ground cannabis on parchment paper at 220-245°F. After you have made your decarboxylated cannabis, it is time to make your hot chocolate.

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