Does CBD May Help Prevent and Treat COVID-19?

Topic: Does CBD May Help Prevent and Treat COVID-19? A new investigation shows that the cannabis’ active ingredient CBD can prevent COVID-19 infections in human tissues and animals.

CBD is highly regarded for its numerous health benefits, some known and some not. This holistic solution can treat anxiety and stress disorder, pain and inflammation, and other conditions. While CBD is also known for its antimicrobial effects, recent research shows some hope for the COVID-19 cure.

What were the study’s outcomes, and can CBD be a possible cure for COVID-19? Read more to find out.

What is CBD?

Cbd is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. According to the School Of Medicine, it is the second-highest potent component identified in cannabis, often referred to as marijuana or hemp. THC is the primary chemical component of marijuana. At the same time, CBD is more abundant in the hemp species of the cannabis plant. THC is the chemical that causes marijuana smokers to feel euphoric and intoxicated. THC is essentially non-existent in CBD.

What Did the Research Say CBD’s Effectiveness for COVID-19?

The investigation was headed by scientists from the University of Chicago in the United States. Marsha Rosner was hearing the research with the collaboration of 32 other researchers. She works in the school’s Ben May Department of Biomedical Research as a scholar and professor.

According to Rosner, CBD effectively prevented the pathogen that induces COVID-19 from reproducing or replicating itself in adult lung tissues.

According to a paper from the University of Chicago, scientists exposed human lung tissue with Cannabidiol for 120 minutes before delivering the pathogen to the cells. CBD, in the necessary quantities, inhibited the virus’s capacity to multiply in cells, according to the researchers.

When the procedure was repeated on two different cells, the scientists came to the same conclusion. CBD was helpful to inhibit the proliferation of the virus in multiple new iterations, or variations, of COVID-19.

According to the researchers, CBD was not sufficient to prevent the viruses from reaching cells. However, it was discovered to be efficient at stopping virus proliferation in the initial invasion and 6 hours after the virus invaded the cells. Studies employing mice subjects also produced identical figures.

Science Advances recently released this research suggesting that CBD could be used as a therapy for COVID-19. But, according to Rosner, additional research is necessary to determine the actual usefulness of CBD. she stated that these results do not indicate that CBD will be effective in individuals suffering from COVID-19. These studies confirm the need for clinical trials.  

A cohort of individuals with acute epileptic seizures who were administering an authorized CBD medicine Epidiolex was also studied in the research. COVID-19 levels were observed to be decreased in those in the category. But, according to Rosner, any findings within this field of study must be based on genuine clinical studies.

THC was also used in the research by the researchers. However, according to Rosner, the cannabinoid did not hold the pathogen off of cells or stop proliferating. Moreover, Rosner explained THC even affected the CBD working against the virus. When CBD was combined with THC, it rendered it impossible for CBD to work.

According to Reuters, further research has been taken out, and other minor CBD experiments with COVID-19 are underway. Rosner’s team intends to look into the feasibility of conducting a human trial with persons who have modest COVID-19 symptoms.

However, Rosner is afraid that news sites exaggerating the potential usage of cannabis may encourage individuals to start taking CBD for COVID-19 instead of taking medication or wearing a face mask, or getting a vaccination.

She stated that a certain level of cannabis is beneficial; however, Vaccine-induced antigens and antibody medicines are significantly more successful at preventing disease at this phase.

The Takeaway?

While CBD is a promising solution for many diseases, it is not a surprise if people look at CBD to treat and prevent COVID-19. Despite the promising results of the research it is yet too early to expect too much from CBD. It is best to get yourself vaccinated, wear masks and keep social distance until some evident results appear from the studies.

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