EHLE Glass Bong Review: Check Here!

Since their inception in 1949, EHLE glass bongs has enjoyed a very good reputation. Each piece is handmade in Germany and not sent to third-party manufacturers. This ensures that you receive the highest quality product from the beginning. EHLE’s glass pipes/bongs are made from high-grade borisilicate glasses. They come in sizes ranging between 100 ml to 2000 ml. Prices range from $65 to $260 at my favorite online headshop, GrassCity.

100ml EHLE Glass Bongs

EHLE offers three different 100ml glass bongs. They are the Clear Cylinder Bong and Ice Cylinder Bongs (with an ice catcher), and the Bent Neck Clear Cylinder Bong. All three bongs have hexagonal feet. However, the $5 extra for the Ice Cylinder Bong’s Ice Catcher is well worth it. The EHLE bent neck clear cylindrical water pipe is a great option if you want to add a bit of angle to your smoking routine. They weigh in at 200g and are less than half a pound. These EHLE glass bongs can be used for both light and heavy use.

2000ML EHLE Glass Bongs

EHLE also has a few 2000ml glass bongs. These bongs are similar to their 100ml bongs. The EHLEMINATOR includes a diffiuser, a 29.2 joint and a spout. The EHLEMINATOR costs $155 to $260 with free shipping. However, this bong is one of EHLE’s most expensive water pipes. These larger glass bongs are slightly heavier at 1450g to 1500g (a little over 3 lbs). These bongs are very heavy-duty.

EHLE also offers custom bongs on They are moderately priced considering the quality. EHLE is an excellent choice if you are looking for a middle-class, working class pipe to smoke. You can enjoy a more enjoyable smoking experience with a wide range of pre-coolers or ashcatchers.

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