Grav Labs Pipes: Check Top Pipes Here!

Grav Labs pipes You can buy water pipes as well as regular smoking pipes. Some pipes have carb holes while others are more like chillums. Grav Labs has a huge selection of pipes.

Let’s take a look at some Grav Labs finest pipes.


This classic spoon pipe is available in a variety of colors. It also has a carb hole that allows you to clear it quickly. The Grav Labs spoonpipe is small and portable at only 4 inches long.

Sherlock Pipe

This Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe is ideal for Sherlock Holmes fans. You can feel like Sherlock Holmes with 8 colors to choose from!

Gandalf Pipe

This Grav Labs Gandalf pipe is for you if you are a fan of LOTR. This durable pipe is so beautiful that you will feel like a wizard while smoking.

Donut Pipe

Grav Labs’ Donut pipe is more of a chillum, but it is still a fantastic piece. It is small and lightweight at 2.5 inches, yet delivers a smooth hit.


There are so many options when it comes to Grav Labs pipes. You can be sure that no matter which pipe you choose, it will be a great one.

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