Gravity Bongs: Check Full Details!

Gravity bongs These amazing stoner engineering products are incredible. This simple, yet powerful design is beyond words.

You’re likely to have used a gravity cigarette before. It can extract smoke from any dried herb or substance you want to use, and then pump it into your lungs.

Let’s move on to the main point. Take a look at the top gravity bongs available online right now.

Glass Gravity Bonnet

Grav Labs ‘s Gravitron gravity bangle is the most popular glass gravity bangle currently available online.

Available in two sizes: 11 and 14 inches
Made from strong borosilicate glasses

Get the Glass Gravitron Gravity Bong Now!

Invertible gravity bong

The Infinity Falls Gravity Bong is an original design. It’s basically a beautiful waterfall gravy bong!

15 inches (38 cm tall)

What you will get:

1 x Custom Infinity Waterfall hardcase
1 x Down-Stem
1 x Filtration down-stem
1 x Upright Bamboo stem holder

Vortex Gravity Bonneg

The Vortex gravity boneg is a simple design that’s made of strong, durable acrylic.

Bukket Gravity Bonneg

This product is a huge hit!

You can always make your own gravity bongs and learn how to use them if you’re not sure.

I do not recommend using plastic for homemade gravity bongs. However, you can still watch the video below on making a gravity bong .

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