Puffit-X Puffit Vaporizer Portable Review: Checkout!

The Puffit Vaporizer was first introduced to the market as the marijuana industry’s best solution for discrete medication. It is a vaporizer that looks like an asthma inhaler. The Puffit-X is the successor to the Puffit. It takes the best parts of the Puffit vapourizer and maximizes its effectiveness.

The Puffit Vaporizer:

Puffit’s new vaporizer uses forced air technology, which means that your herb is actually vaporized and not combusted. The unique fan system forces hot air on your herb to create a powerful vapor of THC, and other active ingredients. This happens without the need to burn your plant.

Puffit-X Puffit Vaporizer Portable Review
Puffit-X Puffit Vaporizer Portable Review

This is similar to the Volcano high-end tabletop vaporizers, but this portable Puffit vaporizer achieves it very well.

The PuffitX vaporizer is currently available in GreenGray and Purple.

The upgraded PuffitX Puffit vaporizer has received positive reviews. They recommend that you pack the bowl loosely in order to get a good hit. The aluminum top can get hot and the plastic cap is designed to cover it.

Here’s a demonstration of how the Puffit-X portable vaporizer operates:

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