Roor Carbon Filter Adapter Review: Check Reviews Here!

ROOR’s carbon adapter for smoking helps remove tar and other substances that could ruin your smoke. It can filter out certain toxins and carcinogens, which will give you cleaner smoke that won’t affect your taste.

Roor’s carbon filter adapter contains active carbon granules that filter and clean the smoke that you inhale and enjoy.

This adapter is made from hand-blown glass. To go with the adapter, you can also purchase ROOR approved carbongranules.

To keep the carbon in place, you will need a gauze (glass screen) of the same size.

There are two sizes of the filter adapter:

  • Size of the joint: 18.8mm or 14.5mm

An adapter for carbon filters can be used as a substitute or complement to an ashcatcher. Your bong will not get as dirty by filtering the smoke.

If you want to be gentler to your lungs and have a smoother smoke, a ROOR carbon filter adapter will help. Regular cleaning of the filter will keep resin from building up inside your tube. This will allow you to have a clean hit and not have it travel through dirt.


  • It significantly cleans smoke and does not interfere with taste
  • You can smoke less on your lungs
  • Keeps your glass and downstem clear

Additional requirements:

  • Carbon
  • Gauze

ROOR carbon filter adapter makes a great addition to your bong. This will enhance your smoking experience and keep your bong clean for longer.

Make sure to include a gauze or carbon with your purchase.

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