Vaporizing Vs. Smoking: Read Here!

For those who care about their health, vaping your herb is becoming more popular. You might enjoy smoking weed but are concerned about your health. Here are some good reasons to switch from a pipe and a vaporizer .

  1. You inhale potential carcinogens when you smoke marijuana. To get the desired effects from marijuana, you should inhale THC, CBD, and CBN.
  2. Holding inhaling smoke can cause brain damage. You don’t need to smoke because THC is absorbed within five seconds.
  3. You can keep your weed longer. A vaporizer has allowed me to extend the life of my herb by at least three times, which saved me lots of money.
  4. There is no ash or plant matter in your lungs. A vaporizer heats the herb to below the point where it can be burned. A lighter can heat it up to 3590 degrees
  5. There are no more harsh rips. Vaporizing your marijuana only produces vapor. Vapor tastes better than hot smoke and is warmer and smoother.

You should change your vaporizer if you notice that you are not getting the same high after a while. You can try vaporizing with a water pipe, but THC is not water-soluble. After that, you can go back to vaping. If you don’t want to increase your chances of getting cancer, avoid using a handpipe or joint. There are many reputable brands such as Volcano and Iolite.

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