What Are Wrinkle Patches and Can They Really Give You Smoother Skin?

Influencers in the field of beauty on TikTok apply silicone patches to their necks and faces over the night they report smoother, more and more bouncy skin the next day.

Also known as wrinkle patches, these products are less than $50 for a set. Frownies, SiO as well as wrinkles Schminkles are all popular brands.

“Although wrinkle patches are having a TikTok moment right now, they are not new and in fact have been around since the 1930s,” states Howard Sobel, MD who is a clinical attending cosmetic dermatologist who works at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

On TikTok the word “wrinkle patch” has been watched 1.2 billion times, and tags for specific brands of wrinkle patches are also drawing attention. For instance, #frownies been able to accumulate 64.1 million views, while #wrinklesschminkles has racked up greater than 7.6 million.

“If you love Botox but want something a little more affordable and less invasive, you have to try these out,” TikTok user @rankandStyle declares in a demonstration video. She applies the strips that are reusable on her neck, forehead and around her eyes.

Does the latest TikTok fashion have stickiness force? Here’s what dermatologists think.

What Are Wrinkle Patches?

The wrinkle patch a piece sticky paper that is worn over night to help keep the muscles in position to reduce or preventing wrinkles, claims Kathleen Suozzi, MD dermatologist and director of the department of aesthetic dermatology in Yale Medicine in New Haven. The majority of people apply them on various areas of the upper part of their body, for example, the forehead, around the eyes and neck. They can also be applied to the mouth, and the chest. Some contain skin-care ingredients like the ingredient retinol which is similar to popular sheet masks that are available on the market Dr. Suozzi claims. Retinol can help improve the appearance of skin by creating a smooth appearance, texture and tone, as per the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). “Many other instant formulations have a silicone base that confers an instant wrinkle-smoothing property,” she says.

The majority of wrinkle patches can be reused and are priced less than $50 for a bundle. For instance, a bundle of 144 single-use pieces made of Frownies costs $22 on Amazon as well as two sets of Frinkles Schminkles products that target the forehead is priced at $30 and can have 20 to 20 uses per patch.

It is also possible to purchase luxurious patches. Natura Bisse sells the set for $440 and is packed with “powerful anti-aging ingredients” including Octamioxyl conotoxin, collagen peptides and copper according to the brand.

What Dermatologists Say About Wrinkle Patches

Despite the widespread use of wrinkle patches, and their ability to give skin a smoother, more youthful appearance however, there’s no evidence to suggest they last according to Suozzi.

“Dr. Sobel agrees, saying that they’re “more gimmicky than effective.” “Wrinkle patches appear to work by constricting the ability to make deep facial expressions, which exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles,” Sobel claims. “Rest assured, the wrinkle-reducing results are temporary and will only last a few hours at most.”

But patches that contain many ingredients focused on hydration as well as reducing the age-related signs, like those made from Natura Bisse could provide greater benefits over time. “These fall more into the category of regional sheet masks, using the patch as a means of delivering products onto the skin like a sheet mask would,” Suozzi says.

Should You Try Wrinkle Patches?

In general wrinkle patches are not harmful. Some people should avoid these patches is those who have sensitive skin or allergies to adhesives. These wrinkle patches could cause irritation and redness Sobel states. Patches that contain Retinol, the ingredient that is active in making wrinkles may cause your skin to become more sensitive to sunlight and sun. The AAD recommends women who are expecting or nursing to stay clear of this ingredient.

If you’re wondering if they’re worth the money It depends on the goal you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to reduce the visible signs of age, these products might assist. “[Wrinkle patches are] great for an important event when you want to look your best,” Sobel advises. But don’t expect long-lasting effects.

Suozzi suggests you should consult with your dermatologist regarding preventative Botox or laser treatments or fillers for soft tissue.

The most expensive wrinkle patches containing skin-healthy ingredients are a good complement to injectable treatments, such as Botox Suozzi says. But, you could get similar effects on your skin from lesser-priced products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and retinol. Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids Suozzi says.

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